AI Architect

Generative AI Practice Leader for Hi-Tech

Job Type - Full time, Hybrid Working
Location - Bangalore, India

The Generative AI Practice Leader is accountable for driving growth, strategic positioning and to ensure success in the future (e.g., practice focus areas, offerings, capabilities).

Relevant Experience: 14-18 years

Qualification: Bachelor's or Master’s in Computer Science

What we are expecting from you

  • The face of our Generative AI capabilities for clients in Hi-Tech domain. Proactively work with Client Partners to grow Generative AI footprint in our clients and position Client as a leading solution provider in this space. Actively search for opportunities to expand business within existing accounts and help win new clients.
  • Develop differentiated Generative AI solutions & Service Offerings for Hi-Tech domain and leverage similar solutions from other Verticals. Identify, assess, and develop Generative AI and AI/ML applications by applying key industry tools, techniques, and methodologies in Hi-Tech domain
  • Building new technology capabilities, and building team competencies , business relationship with the technology partners & start-up eco systems and demonstrate edge over competition about technology and customer success with excellent communication and articulation skills to communicate technical concepts and solutions at a level appropriate for technical and non-technical audiences curate, and record tutorials on various applications of data science and machine learning, especially on Generative AI
  • To work effectively in a dynamic, research-oriented group that has several concurrent projects.

Behavior Competencies

  • Advisory focus with ability to interact with and present to senior and mid-level client stakeholders.
  • Analytical, creative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills
  • Team player who can consistently provide valuable suggestions and solutions in areas of analytical solutions.
  • Skills and Can-do attitude to ensure that high quality solutions are being developed by diverse Birlasoft teams.
  • Verbal and written communication as well as interpersonal skills
  • Thinking to ensure all parts of an application function together as intended.

Technical Skills

  • Experience as an Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, or a similar role, with a focus on AI/ML and generative AI.
  • Understanding of generative AI techniques, including deep generative models, autoregressive models, and reinforcement learning for generative tasks.
  • Experience of machine learning methodologies including advanced analytics tools (such as R and Python) along with applied mathematics, ML and Deep Learning frameworks and libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras) and ML techniques.
  • Least 5+ years of hands-on experience with building language models, machine learning and AI models leveraging industry tools, products, and / or Azure cognitive services and hands-on expertise in (as an individual contributor) Undertaking data collection, Data mining, preprocessing and analysis of structured and unstructured data.
  • Expertise in large language models (LLMs/LSTMs/BERT) that can perform complex reasoning in few- and zero-shot settings by generating intermediate chain of thought (CoT) reasoning steps of building / customizing and fine-tuning AI models including LLM models via OpenAI (Azure), Bert (AWS) for rapid PoCs on LLM Model Governance, LLMSecOps, Hallucination and bias handling and hands-on experience in applying machine learning algorithms.
  • Data science and data engineering background both with open source and cloud distributed machines learning and AI tools especially Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning and AWS Sagemaker and Bedrocks
  • Understanding of Azure cloud technology including Cognitive Services viz. Vision, Speech, Language, Decision, Search and GenAI and its implementation

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